Call for Board Nominations

February 23, 2021

Dear TPI Membership,

The Board Development and Leadership Committee (BDLC) is very pleased to put out a call for nominations to fill 5 positions of The Psychotherapy Institute’s (TPI) Board of Directors. Serving on the Board provides the opportunity for deep engagement at TPI and the chance to have an impact on the direction of TPI. As one of our current Board members reflects…

“Being a member of the board has not only given me the opportunity to learn more about TPI, it has also given me space to voice the needs of the BIPOC community and support the powerful process of transformation that TPI is undergoing. Additionally, the ability to connect with the other board members has been so generative. We represent different perspectives, generations, and experiences, and bringing that together in harmony has been tough at times, but also deeply rewarding.”
~ Tobirus Mozelle Newby

The Board is committed to continuing our efforts to create a diverse, inclusive, and engaged Board of Directors. As part of the Board’s ongoing efforts to examine and more closely align TPI’s structures, processes, and procedures with our goals of equity, inclusivity, and anti-racism, we are reinstituting a call for nominations. A similar process had been abandoned years ago because so few nominations were received. Presently, we are hopeful that as we are actively working to confront institutionalized racism at TPI and to remain a thought-leader in the field of psychodynamic psychotherapy, our membership will step forward to be a part of this process.

We thus invite all members to participate in seriously considering both themselves and other interested TPI members as potential Board nominee candidates. The terms begin in July 2021. You may nominate yourself or someone else for one of the open positions below (click a position to learn more about it):

Click here to read the TPI Board Member Responsibilities.

Eligibility requirements for serving on the Board:

  • TPI member in good standing;
  • Able to attend monthly Board meetings, 2nd Friday of each month, 4-6 pm, serve on a Board committee and attend the annual Board retreat;
  • Graduates of TPI training programs need to be 1-year post-graduation;
  • The Board President is generally someone who has served on the Board in the past.

To nominate yourself or someone else or for more information about any of these positions, please email the BDLC at or contact K. Sue Duncan, Executive Director, at 510-548-4407. Nominations are still open.

Thank you,

TPI Board Development and Leadership Committee