The Psychotherapy Institute (TPI) is a non-profit, member-led organization of mental health professionals dedicated to the study and practice of therapy in the psychodynamic tradition. TPI provides post-graduate training, opportunities for professional development, and affordable psychotherapy through its Community Clinic.

The Psychotherapy Institute's Principles:

  1. TPI is dedicated to creating a diverse, affiliative professional community which values teaching, study, mentoring and volunteer service.
  2. TPI encourages and offers high-quality training for therapists at all levels of experience.
  3. TPI provides affordable, depth psychotherapy through our Community Clinic in Berkeley.
  4. TPI strives to stay true to its founding members vision of volunteer service in teaching, supervision and organizational leadership.
  5. TPI is committed to the exploration of multiple psychodynamic perspectives and the application of these perspectives in all that we do as an organization.
  6. TPI values multiculturalism in its membership, clientele and study of ideas.
  7. TPI believes that on-going professional training is essential to the future of the mental health profession.
  8. TPI supports the exploration of the unconscious mind as fundamental to richer self-understanding and increased personal fulfillment.

Members and representatives of TPI agree to abide by these principles and all rules and regulations governing non-profit organizations including non-discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or national origin.