The Psychotherapy Institute is a dynamic oranization that promotes education for therapists and provides moderate fee psychotherapy to the greater East Bay community.  A gift of any size makes a big difference to our current and future success. Contributions can be made in cash or securities. 

Annual Fund

Make a Contribution to the Annual Fund.

Tax-deductible donations to the Annual Fund are an important part of the operating budget that allows us to provide affordable psychotherapy and ongoing training for new and established clinicians.

TPI provides essential mental health services to underserved patients in the local community and we can’t do it without the help of people like you. The need to provide mental health services to the under-represented, often marginalized and financially struggling members of our community has never been greater. The recent and ongoing socio-political events and the growing economic divide in our country have caused psychological reverberations that organizations like TPI are struggling to absorb. Your donation will help us to continue to provide these essential services.

Even as TPI is a financially healthy organization with fee-generating programs and assets, our revenues do not cover all of our expenditures. We still rely on the generous contributions of our members, and of members of the community, in order to balance our budget every year.

Make a Contribution to the Annual Fund.

Stock Donation

Donate Stock

TPI welcomes donations of stock.

Contact your broker and follow their directions to transfer the ownership of stock. Please inform your stockbroker that shares can be automatically transferred per the following instructions:

DBT #0164, for Charles Schwab,
For EBI Schwab account #7298-2894

So that we may confirm receipt, please complete this simple online form.

Donate Stock

Sociocultural Training

Make a Contribution to support sociocultural training.

TPI combines a psychodynamic approach with one that appreciates that sociocultural influences are inherent in lifelong development and well-being. We believe that awareness of the complex impact of social and cultural forces on individuals, families, and communities is essential to the theory and practice of psychotherapy. A donation in this category will assist TPI in providing sociocultural training for leaders of TPI and for staff therapists; so that we ensure that we are skillfully serving an increasingly diverse clientele and membership.

Leadership Trainings

TPI will be providing trainings for leadership, faculty, and supervisors at TPI to create a more inclusive, culturally sensitive, and diverse organization. These trainings will enable TPI to support diversity in our membership, clientele, and study of ideas.

Staff Therapist of Color Mentorship Program (STOCMP)

TPI matches a mentor of color with a staff therapist of color. The mentors are part of the clinical team that supports the staff therapist and are given a modest stipend. The mentors play a vital role in the training of staff therapists of color, who may otherwise not have seen themselves reflected in senior clinicians at TPI.

Staff Therapist Trainings

TPI provides trainings for staff therapists in sociocultural issues and a group to explore the importance of using a sociocultural lens in their work with their clients. These trainings and groups facilitate the development of mental health care professionals who are responsive, respectful of the individuality of their clients, and skilled in exploring the impact of sociocultural issues on psychological development.

A donation in this category will support TPI in training its leadership in sociocultural issues. It will allow the Institute to offer a mandatory sociocultural group for staff therapists as well as support the Staff Therapists’ Mentors of Color program.

Make a Contribution to support sociocultural training.

Scholarships for TPI Trainings

Make a Contribution to financial aid for PGTP.
Make a Contribution to SSP.
Make a Contribution to GTTP.

Trainings therapists is one of our main goals at TPI. TPI offers therapists an opportunity to learn psychodynamic psychotherapy through TPI’s stellar programs. Our programs are known to deeply and positively transform therapists’ lives at the personal and professional level.

One of the goals at the Institute is to be more inclusive and give opportunity to therapists of diverse ethnic and class backgrounds to apply and be part of our programs. In order to diversify our constituency we need to be able to make our training programs accessible to those who might not be able to participate because of cost, time, and resources.

We ask that you support our efforts to diversify the Institute and make our training programs accessible by donating to our Scholarship Funds:

Financial Aid for the Post-Graduate Training Program (PGTP)

Each year TPI offers scholarships to staff therapists who otherwise would not be able to attend the training program. PGTP is highly demanding for staff therapists in terms of the time and resources they need to invest. The high cost of living in the Bay Area makes it even more challenging. We would like to be able to offer substantial financial support to staff therapists that would like to attend the trainings but who might not be able to afford it. We ask that you help us make this happen!

Make a Contribution to financial aid for PGTP.

Scholarship for Supervision Study Program (SSP)

Your contribution will help provide scholarships to cover tuition for under-represented therapists for our year-long Supervision Study Program (SSP) ($3,000.00) (Learn more about SSP).

Make a Contribution to SSP.

Scholarship for Group Therapy Training Program (GTTP)

Your contribution will help provide scholarships to cover tuition for under-represented therapists for our year-long Group Therapy Training Program (GTTP) ($3,000.00) (Learn more about GTTP).

Make a Contribution to GTTP.

TPI Legacy

Name TPI in your will

If you have named TPI in your will, please let us know.

Gifts in Honor and Memory

Honor or remember someone important in your life by giving a donation on their behalf.

Make a Contribution in honor or remembrance of someone.

Matching Gifts

Many companies match employees’ tax-deductible contributions. Please submit the matching gift form provided by your employer with your donation.
Contact K. Sue Duncan, Executive Director
ksduncan@tpi-berkeley.org (510) 548-4407

In-Kind Gifts

The Institute is always in need of certain types of gifts, including office furniture, furniture for therapy offices such as couches, therapist chairs and lamps, as well as books in excellent condition. 

Make an Inquiry 
K. Sue Duncan, Executive Director
ksduncan@tpi-berkeley.org (510) 548-4407