Membership is open to anyone with a recognized clinical degree or credential in a mental health field, such as:

  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Licensed marriage and family therapists
  • Licensed clinical psychologists
  • Registered nurses specializing in psychiatry
  • Board-certified psychiatrists or residents specializing in psychiatry

Students in graduate programs that are prerequisites for these licenses are eligible for membership, as are graduates of such programs who are continuing their training in a pre-licensed status (such as interns and psychological assistants).

In addition, persons with demonstrated equivalent clinical experience, or evidence of ability to contribute to the teaching and/or practice of psychotherapy, are also eligible for membership in The Psychotherapy Institute. Please call K. Sue Duncan at (510) 548-4407 to discuss your eligibility.

The Psychotherapy Institute values a membership reflecting diverse ideas, cultures, populations, and viewpoints within our overall commitment to psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Download a membership application form here.