What GTTP Graduates Have Said

"The TPI-GTTP has been a great opportunity to come together with others, and experience the forming of relationships, emotional reactions to each other, and enactments that occurred. For me it has been an accelerated means of bringing developmental issues to the fore that were addressed with care. The TPI-GTTP has additionally helped to provide the intellectual framework and training to get started as a group therapist. I highly recommend it to others for their personal and professional development."

David Raughton, MFT


"I was already working with individuals and couples but wanted to add groups to my practice and become more skilled and confident leading them. The program has provided an excellent foundation for group work, covering both theory and practice. The monthly payment plan made the program affordable for me, and the one-year time frame felt like the right level of investment and commitment.

"I wasn’t expecting to have such a profound personal experience in our Tuesday practice group, but what I did undergo convinced me that group work is a powerful instrument for depth work and personal growth. While individual work often replicates the mother-child relationship, I found that group work can bring up the whole family of origin. What an opportunity for learning!"

Kate Engelberg, MFT


"The GTTP has left no rock unturned in the development of a strong foundation for my group practice, from theory to logistics to exploration of the core beliefs and attachment patterns that shape who I am in a group. Most facilitative has been the weekly interpersonal process group, where I can experience the possibility of groups up close and personally--without fail, my own family patterns that shaped who I am come to life in the group process, providing a laboratory for me to explore these patterns as they impact relationship in the here and now. As I compliment the group work with weekly supervision and monthly didactics, a theoretical blueprint has come to life for me that I can readily apply to the groups that I currently run. The gains of this program are numerous in terms of professional development, personal growth, and networking. I recommend it highly."

Liz Welton, ASW


"I decided to join the GTTP in order to finally really learn how to run psychotherapy groups, never having received very good training. TPI's GTTP provided excellent training in understanding and facilitating groups, which I expected. However, I was surprised to discover that this training opened up new perspectives in many other areas besides group therapy. As an MFT, I have been well trained in family and couples therapy. Via the group training that I received, I started being able to understand my clients' challenges and experiences in their various groups in life in a much more profound and nuanced way. And so it began to influence my work with individuals, couples and families, which I had not expected. It has provided another facet of richness to my clinical and professional work, which I deeply enjoy."

Wendy Brown, MFT


"I completed this two-year group therapist training program in 2012 and highly recommend it. In the didactic part I was able to gain knowledge of multiple psychodynamic approaches. I also learned about myself as a person and leader, especially during the experiential process group. With one-on-one consultation to support these experiences, the GTTP program gave me a supportive, well-rounded, and integrative immersion into the world of groups."

Melinda Douglass, PhD