Dialogues on Difference: Sitting with First Generation Americans and Immigrants in Therapy

Topic: Sitting with First Generation Americans and Immigrants in Therapy
Location: TPI, 2232 Carleton St., Berkeley, CA 94704
Date: Friday November 2nd, 4pm to 6pm
Facilitator: Rae Mountz, LMFT

There are challenges that come from a multi-cultural identity. Like, code switching, navigating feelings of old home verses current home, concerns around belonging, sense of safety and traversing identities. There is an ongoing process of inquiry that is multifaceted: What are the parts of me that identifies as American? The parts that identify as non-American? The parts that identify as both? Or that parts of me that don't know how to identify?

To explore the many layers of a multi-cultural identity, Rae Mountz will facilitate a discussion with self identified first generation Americans and immigrants, who will discuss their own experiences, as well as, the tools and considerations they provide working with people with multi-cultural identities in their clinical work as therapists.

Rae Mountz, LMFT, has a private practice based in Oakland, CA where she works relationally with groups, individual adults and teens, couples and small families. Combined, Rae has twelve years of education and clinical experience in the field of psychology. Her current clinical and research interests include maternal mental health, masculinity studies and whiteness studies. When not in the office she is taking long walks in nature, spending time with loved ones, and dancing.

Admission is free. RSVP is required to attend as space is limited. Click here to RSVP.