Speaking to the Pain: Naming Racial Microaggressions

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Topic: Speaking to the Pain: Naming Racial Microaggressions
Location: The Psychotherapy Institute, 2232 Carleton St., Berkeley, CA 94704
Date: Friday, April 5th 2019, from 4 pm to 6 pm
Facilitators: Ali Kimmell, LCSW

This Dialogue on Difference welcomes clinicians from a variety of sociocultural locations to enter into a dialogue about how to speak in the moment to the enactment of racial microaggressions. From our unique sociocultural locations, we will explore what gets evoked for us when microaggressions occur using the lens of white fragility and silence and the trauma triangle of perpetrator/victim/bystander. Through the use of small group role-plays and large group discussion, we will practice together new skills and techniques for effectively speaking to racial microaggressions and engaging in reparative conversations as a community.

Ali Kimmell, LCSW, has a private practice in Oakland where she sees individuals, couples, and runs mixed gender process groups. She trained at TPI’s postgraduate training program, Smith College School for Social Work, and the Center for Group Studies in New York City. Ali practices from a relational psychoanalytic lens and integrates social justice and somatic awareness into her work. She has a particular passion for the healing power of group psychotherapy and supporting people finding greater emotional connection to themselves and others.

Dialogues on Difference are a free benefit to all TPI members.