Staff Therapist of Color Mentorship Program

Are you a therapist of color looking for an opportunity to take an active role in supporting the professional development of early-career therapists of color? Are you interested in expanding your network and joining a consultation space specifically for therapists of color? Are you looking to become more involved in leadership and teaching positions at The Psychotherapy Institute? Then please consider becoming a Supervisor or joining the Staff Therapist of Color Mentorship Program.

About the Staff Therapist of Color Mentorship Program 

The Staff Therapist of Color Mentorship Program is an initiative at The Psychotherapy Institute (TPI) designed to offer additional support for staff therapists of color by pairing them with therapists of color in the community.

The mentors and mentees meet monthly during the training year during hour-long meetings for the mentors to provide professional and personal guidance for their mentees. While the mentor does not provide clinical supervision for individual cases, their guidance may include: building leadership capacities as an individual of color; developing a unique voice as a therapist of color; coping with stress from macro-and micro-aggressions, especially while in training: supporting the therapist around systemic racism in clinical work; speaking to the unique challenges of being a therapist of color within a professional milieu; and addressing issues that may emerge with being a person of color within a predominately white clinical community.

Creating a More Inclusive Training Environment

Staff and leadership at TPI have been working diligently to address concerns about creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment. As we work toward recruiting more supervisors and faculty of color to provide professional mentorship and support, and as we work to diversify our membership as a whole, we are offering this program to provide supplemental support for therapist interns working in our Community Clinic. We understand that staff therapists of color are in a uniquely vulnerable position during their tenure at TPI, and we want to ensure that they have access to resources that will prepare them for a professional clinical practice.  

This program is an attempt to address issues related to representation, equity, and access by taking an active role in addressing barriers therapists of color may face in becoming leaders at TPI. Please visit our Equity and Inclusion page to learn more about our efforts to create a more inclusive environment at The Psychotherapy Institute.

What are the Benefits for Mentors? 

  • Opportunity to develop a mentor relationship with an early career therapist of color.
  • Free membership at TPI while acting in the role of mentor.
  • Introduction to the structure of TPI and support in pursuing interests related to TPI, such as writing, supervision, or teaching.
  • Expanded network of professional colleagues.
  • Participation in a monthly Peer Consultation Group comprised of fellow mentors of color. This will take place the 4th Friday of each month 3-4:30 PM, beginning in September and ending in August the following year.
  • Free Attendance at Fall and Spring Symposiums.
  • Free attendance at one additional CE class per year.
  • Pre-licensed price on any additional TPI courses.

What are the Requirements/Duties of Mentors? 

  • The mentor must self-identify as a person of color.
  • Must be a licensed mental health professional (LCSW, LMFT, LPCC, PhD, PsyD, etc.)
  • Make a one-year commitment to meet with mentee for monthly meetings from September through August of the following year. 
  • Available for monthly Peer Consultation Group 3-4:30 PM on the 4th Friday of each month, from September through August of the following year.
  • Provide a confidential space in which to meet with the mentee.
  • Act as a liaison or, when needed, as an advocate with mentee’s training team.
  • In collaboration with other mentors, be willing to provide feedback to The Psychotherapy Institute administration regarding issues of diversity/inclusion and how racism may be impacting staff therapists during their training

For more information, or to apply to be a Staff Therapist of Color Mentor, please email alexandra.p.jamali.lcsw@gmail.com or AliKimmellLCSW@gmail.com.