How to Apply to the Supervision Study Program

Completed applications have been extended and are due May 31, 2018.

Enrollment is limited. Applicants are interviewed in the Spring of 2018 and the program begins in September of 2018.  

The fee for the Supervision Study Program is $250 per month. Scholarships may be available.  Membership to TPI is included.

Use one of these two ways to obtain a Supervision Study Program application:

  • Download the application form to print on your computer, then fill out and mail the form with your check for the first year dues to The Psychotherapy Institute.Completed applications are due May 14, 2018.  
  • Email, write, or telephone The Psychotherapy Institute to request a printed application form. Be sure that your message includes your name and mailing address. Email ksduncan@tpi-berkeley.org. Write to The Psychotherapy Institute, 2232 Carleton Street, Berkeley, California 94704 (USA). Telephone 510.548.4407 (USA).